A total of 121 teams entered the 1986 FIFA World Cup qualification rounds, competing for a total of 24 spots in the final tournament. Mexico, as the hosts, and Italy, as the defending champions, qualified automatically, leaving 22 spots open for competition. The draw took place on 7 December 1983 at Zürich, Switzerland.The 24 spots available in the 1986 World Cup would be distributed among the continental zones as follows:Europe (UEFA): 13.5 places, 1 of them went to automatic qualifier Italy, while the other 12.5 places were contested by 32 teams. The winner of the 0.5 place would advance to the Intercontinental Play-offs (against a team from OFC).South America (CONMEBOL): 4 places, contested by 10 teams.North, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF): 2 places, 1 of them went to automatic qualifier Mexico, while the other 1 place was contested by 17 teams.Africa (CAF): 2 places, contested by 29 teams.Asia (AFC): 2 places, contested by 27 teams.Oceania (OFC): 0.5 place, contested by 4 teams (including Israel

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