in 1988, World Wide Fighting decided to hold a Tag Team Tournament with 16 tag teams vying to win the Inaugral World Wide Fighting World Tag Team Championship and to become the 1st ever World Tag Team Champions of World wide Fighting

Round of 16 Edit

Top Gunns vs. Road Warriors Edit

Badd Company vs. Young Stallions Edit

Guerrero Bros. vs. Rock n Roll RPMs Edit

Demolition vs. Michael PS Haynes and Steve Cox Edit

Strike Force vs. Midnight Express w/ Paul E Dangerously Edit

Greg Gagne and Wahoo McDaniel vs. Fabulous Rougeaus Edit

Hart Foundation vs Stud Stable Edit

Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine vs Rock n Roll Express Edit

Quarterfinals Edit

Road Warriors vs Badd Company Edit

Guerrero Bros vs Demolition Edit

Strike Force vs Greg Gagne and Wahoo McDaniel Edit

Hart Foundation vs Rock n Roll Express Edit

Semifinals Edit

Badd Company vs Demolition Edit

Gagne and McDaniel vs Hart Foundation Edit

World Tag Team Championship Finals Edit

Demolition vs Hart Foundation Edit

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