The 1991 uprisings in Iraq were a series of popular rebellions in northern and southern Iraq that took place in March and April 1991 after the Persian Gulf War. The mostly uncoordinated rising, often referred to as the Shaaban Intifada among Iraqi Arabs and as the National Uprising among Kurds, was fueled by the perception that the power of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was vulnerable as well as by anger at government suppression and the devastation wrought by two wars in a single decade, including the Iran–Iraq War, and was inadvertently encouraged by the United States.Within two weeks, most of Iraq's cities and governorates fell, either entirely or largely, to rebel forces. Notwithstanding rebel gains, the revolution was held back by internal divisions, an overall passivity of Baghdadis, and the lack of anticipated external support (except some from Iran). Saddam's regime suppressed the rebellions with force to maintain power, while the rebels were defeated by loyalist forces spearheaded by hussein's men

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