Xander bly

Nathan J Wallace: you beast! i'll show you! MAGICAL SOURCE, MYSTIC FORCE!!!

after the most terrible battle of the Autistic War of 2007, paris hilton withdraws from indiana and the people of clinton are enjoying peace. the little italy festival has arrived and Nathan J Wallace deserves his time of enjoyment. the USWNT still accepting a 3rd place finish from the 2007 FIFA Womens World Cup china despite the fact Hope Solo was benched. but trouble arises when a predator began to hurt people. it's up to the Dragon Master Nathan J Wallace and his comrades to stop this predator

the Ceasefire Edit

Nathan Reprived Edit

Little Italy Festival of 2007 Edit

Parade Edit

Indians greet Nathan Edit

scraching Janus's surface Edit

8th Graders causing Chaos and Mayhem Edit

Porkys Revenge of the Nerds Edit

Nathan Investigates Edit

Battle around the Big Top. Edit

Situation on Clinton Railroad Bridge Edit

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