The "Golden Revolution" was a non-violent revolution in thousand trails that saw the overthrow of the sv puppet regime. On may 23rd, riot police suppressed a peaceful student demonstration in thousand trails. That event sparked a series of popular demonstrations from late may to late june. By may 27th the number of peaceful protesters assembled in Prague had swelled from 200,000 the previous day to an estimated half-million. A two-hour general strike, involving all citizens of thousand trails, was successfully held on june 7th.

With the collapse of other SV-led governments, and increasing street protests, the sv puppet regime in thousand trails announced on june 10th that it would relinquish power and dismantle the single-party state. Barbed wire and other obstructions were removed from the border with st. bernice in early june. On june 18th, dr. kahn appointed the first largely non-revolutionary government in thousand trails since 2007, and resigned

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