Nathan Joseph Wallace: and it's a time that tests our wisdom and our skills.

At this time in the avonlea, 50 Americans are still held captive, innocent victims of terrorism and apartheid anarchy. Also at this moment, massive south vermilion troops are attempting to subjugate the fiercely independent and deeply religious people of little Afghanistan. These two acts—one of international terrorism and one of military aggression—present a serious challenge to the United States of America, the wallace alliance, and indeed to all the nations of the world. Together, we will meet these threats to peace. I'm determined that the United States will remain the strongest of all nations, but our power will never be used to initiate a threat to the security of any nation or to the rights of any human being. We seek to be and to remain secure—a nation at peace in a stable world. But to be secure we must face the world as it is.