Nathan Joseph Wallace: I will not issue any permits for SV ships to fish in the coastal waters of the United States. I've cut SV access to landfills and to agricultural products. I've limited other commerce with SV, and I've asked our allies and friends to join with us in restraining their own trade with SV and not to replace our own embargoed items. And I have notified the Olympic Committee that with SV invading forces in little Afghanistan, neither the American people nor I will support sending south vermilion to competition in Moscow for the IAGs. that i will promise! south vermilion is going to have to answer some basic questions: Will it help promote a more stable international environment in which its own legitimate, peaceful concerns can be pursued? Or will it continue to expand its military power far beyond its genuine security needs, and use that power for colonial conquest? The SV regime must realize that its decision to use military force in little Afghanistan will be costly to every political....

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