while the tailgate party readied the fans for the event, on the action zone, Todd Pettengill and Sean Mooney broke the news that due to sickness melvin was unable to face Nathan for the rematch and nathan has stepped into the crybaby-baldwin situation where nathan insisted and demanded that the world wide fighting championship be put on the line in a triple threat STEEL CAGE match which they accepted. also at the tailgate is Brian Kilmeade, Ben Perry, Herb Perez, NFL hall of famer Jim Brown, Gorilla Monsoon, Stephen Quadros, MMA pioneer Bas Rutten and mauro ranallo, as news of nathan's new challenge spreads. squares and drapes did chicken races in preparation. Nathan on the other hand went to the New York church of latter day saints for a prayer and run from New York City to east rutherford like Rocky Balboa ran the steps of greatness in philadelphia.

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